Paul Jeeves

my awesome adventure

The world is 80:20.  In every vocation, 80 % of the folks spend 20% of thier time demanding 80% more money, while the passionate 20% would do 80% more for 20% less.  

I authored the following:

Crosswind Landing Techniques

Understanding Weather Radar

Cold Temperature Corrections

The VNAV problem

A Pilots Course in Weather (ETA...Sept 2024)

The following are freely available without restriction, license, etc, and were aquired from public sources:

Airbus A320/A330 FMS

Boeing 757, 767 FMS

Cathay Pacific A330/A340 FCTM

Cessna CJ

Honeywell - Embraer Avionics

Honeywell - Embraer FMS

Math and Physics for Pilots

Boeing 737 - 800 Flight Planning and Performance Manual

Airbus - Getting to Grips with Performance

CR-# Flight Computer instructdions

Introduction to Jeppessen Charts and Approach Plates

Pilots handbook or Aeronautical Knowledge

Jet Aircraft Upset Recovery (High Altitude)

ICAO Airport Operations Manual

The following are legally purchased training manuals.  I have already read them so they now sit relatively unused in my personal online library.   Copyright laws prohibit me from making these books publically available, however I can loan them for personal use just as if they were a printed book.   Be sure to delete the book from your personal storage disk when no longer needed, thus returning the file to me, much like returning a borrowed book.

Air Law

Aircraft General - Systems

Aircraft General - Electric


Flight Planning

General Navigation

Human Performance

Instruments and Electronics

Mass and Balance

Operational Procedures


Principles of Flight

Radio Navigation